Stories on Mondays

I love stories. I love how they capture our hearts and indelibly shape the way we see the world. I love how a story can teach us a lesson we would never grasp through abstract, expositional means. 

Sharing our stories is a basic part of being human. I know of no culture that does not incorporate storytelling. We tell of our victories and defeats, of our histories and hopes for the future, of our mythologies and religious beliefs. We craft stories of fiction, intended to delight or to teach. So much can be learned of a people and a place through their stories. 

In the Christian life, the sharing of our stories creates a space to share how God has worked in our lives. We learn from each other. We learn of God. We see how He works in the world and what He does when He grabs ahold of our lives. We see in-flesh examples of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ seeking to live out the faith as disciples of Jesus. 

We hear these stories echoing from the past. This is one reason I love church history. We also hear these stories in our own time. They come from near and far, in our own communities of faith and from Christians in other lands. What richness there is in listening to these stories and in sharing our own.

This is why I'm going to be dedicating my Monday posts (at least for the time being) to sharing the stories of our fellow brothers and sisters. Some will come from times gone by, seeking what we can learn from Christians throughout the history of the church. Others will be from our fellow sojourners today, as we listen to what others are learning and how God is using them on the frontline He's called them to. 

My hope is that we can all grow together as we are challenged and encouraged by the precious stories whispering around us.

Is there a story you think needs to be told? Please let me know!