Friday Morning Coffee #2

Well, friends, we made it through another week. Does it say anything about mine that this Friday morning post is arriving on the scene after lunch?

Scott and I returned Sunday night body-tired but soul-refreshed from a weekend visiting dear friends in New York City. Sarah is one of my oldest friends. Back in our high school days, we were on a youth group trip together when she first felt the stir of calling to go work in the inner city. What a joy it was to see how that dream and sense of call has become a reality, as she and her husband Peterson root themselves in their neighborhood. 

There's something precious about friendships that can withstand the strain of physical separation. We've both changed and grown up, Sarah and I, but it wasn't long at all until we fell into the familiar rhythm. A self-crafted food tour of sorts guided us as we wandered around the city. One stop included some of the best bagels I've ever eaten. We burned the candle from both ends as we stayed up late into the night talking and listening to the guys battle it out over games of chess. Laughter and good conversation really are good for the heart.


Scott and I would both freely admit we aren't city people. The wide open space and calm of the New Hampshire forest and the rocky New England coastline suit us much better to call home. But while we were there, adventuring around New York, I was struck again by the unique power of a city. It's such a kaleidoscope of people, with a spread of backgrounds, professions, ethnicities, religions, languages and cultures. You need only to pay attention on the train to see this diversity standing shoulder to shoulder. It is as if the world collides in the city; the wide stretch of the globe shrinks. There is such beautiful and strategic opportunity in a place like this. (If you ever want to read more about this perspective, check out Tim Keller's book Center Church.)

After too little time together, we lugged our suitcase filled with Raspberry Peach Snapple (it really is the best) onto the bus and returned home to Agatha the cat, who greeted us at the door.

How's your week been? What are you thinking about this Friday?