Friday Morning Coffee #36: Beauty of Community

Happy Friday!

I woke up to a gray world. The clouds hang thick and heavy like a blanket. The leaves are strangely still, frozen as if in anticipation. The few bursts of color in the trees down our street are strangely vibrant in the eerie light. These are the sorts of days I am tempted to sit with a book and cup of tea all day - or curl back up in bed.

I've been reminded this week of the power of community. I know that has become a buzzword these days. But we can't let that distract us from how critical it is. 

Do you realize the power of community? To have people who truly and deeply know us. People who really want an answer to the question "how are you?" People who are content to walk through both the mundane and the tumultuous. People who are not afraid of or repulsed by our pain or our mistakes. People who care enough to be honest and call us out when we need confronting. People who will speak back truth to us, pray with us, rejoice with us, weep with us. 

It's so easy to become isolated. We are pulled away by life's busyness and responsibilities. We hide in shame because of our sin. We withdraw in fear and self-protection in our pain. 

But we were never created to be in isolation. Even in the perfection of Eden, in full communion with God, it was not good for man to be alone. I am so thankful that I am not.