Friday Morning Coffee #42: Thanksgiving Traditions

Here we are again - Friday morning, steam swirling from my coffee, mulling over what to share with you. 

I'm starting to get the pre-"vacation" jitters. The excited sort where I'm thinking of the time I'll soon spend with family. The anxious sort where I'm thinking of all of the things that must be done before being with said family.

If you would ask me if we had any Thanksgiving holiday traditions, I would say no. But that would not be true. Surely there is tradition involved when I can close my eyes now and enter into the scene. It's always the same - in its delightful unintentional consistency.

I can envision exactly what will be on the table and where everyone will be sitting. I can imagine the cool air from the window at my back slicing through the warmth of a bustling kitchen. I can smell my grandmother's famous stuffing and hear the cacophony of conversations. I'm grinning now at the juggling of the serving dishes we inevitably pass the wrong direction.

But these are the sort of moments that make me thankful at the holidays - to return to this boisterous, loving embrace of family. 

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? Share in the comments!