Friday Morning Coffee #43: Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed time with family and friends yesterday. 

We made our rounds of feasting. Lunch with Scott's side of the family. Dinner with mine. The meals are four hours apart, and we learned early on to pace ourselves and prioritize our favorites. Favorite foods, that is. I am deeply thankful that both of these families are ones that love us, that laugh with us, that are interested in our lives. It's a precious gift. 

And as I sit here this morning, I must say - I am thankful for you. For each of you reading these words. For those of you who read my thoughts each week. For all of you who have dropped me sweet notes of encouragement over the last year. I am thankful for your support, for making a space for my words in your busy corner of the world. You are a blessing to me.