Friday Morning Coffee #5

Driving around this morning, I was struck by the beauty of winter. Thick clumps of snow clung to stripped maples like tufts of unpicked cotton. The river and the reservoir both had disappeared, hard ice hidden beneath a soft white blanket. The world shimmered as the waking sun glinted off the layers of frozen crystals. What raw beauty. I get distracted by it as I drive. 

In honor of these weekly coffee dates, I think it's appropriate to catch you up on my history with coffee. Anyone who knows us will already know, we Gruvers don't mess around when it comes to our coffee.

My earliest memories are of making my Dad's morning cups: two even scoops of grounds, water up to the four line, turn it on, let it drip. I learned to like the stuff in high school, as I slowly adjusted to the strong, bitter flavor eased by varying amounts of Sheetz cappuccino (an extremely sweet and milky beverage, which actually resembles nothing like the real thing). I remember the breakfast deals my friend Sarah and I would alternate picking up - coffee and a bagel for $1.05, or something like that. And eventually my Dad and I both ventured into the harder stuff, you know, French presses, espresso, and any other coffee making apparatus you can imagine. From there, there was no going back.

I've had so many moments over coffee. So many conversations. Saturday morning breakfasts around my parent's kitchen table, which conversation stretched into midday, paper napkins carefully folded into squares under our cups. The day I found out my Mom's cancer diagnosis. My first date with Scott, the time I rejected him, the time I came to my senses - all over cups of coffee. We had a coffee bar at our wedding. I could go on, but you've humored me enough. 

There's just something about the warmth of a cup between my hands, as you watch the steam slowly curling from the surface. There's something about the intimate space it creates as you share life with another person. It's a beautiful thing.

Wherever you are, whatever you're sipping - happy Friday, friends.

What are you thinking about this Friday?