Friday Morning Coffee #6's Friday. Where did the week go? Here are my spastic thoughts this morning:

I got the first whiff of the damp earth scent of spring this week. The smell was sweet, even though I'm fully aware the New England winter is far from over.

There has been a lot of Celtic music floating through our house over the last few weeks - something between the Braveheart soundtrack and river dance. It's lively enough to be energizing but calm enough to keep track of my thoughts while I'm writing. 

There's also been a significant amount of folk-bluegrass echoing off these walls, for precisely the same reason. On Saturday evening, Scott and I caught the live stream of the Prairie Home Companion, now hosted by Chris Thile. What magic can be woven in plucked strings and the human voice. Ever since, I've been listening to the Goat Rodeo Sessions.

We had some lovely friends over this week, and I made these honey lime chicken enchiladas. We were reminded again why we love them so much. I am fully aware that honey and lime might sound like a strange combination, but you really should give them a go to see for yourself how delightful they are. 

Finally, I'm reminded of how thankful I am for you people. If you weren't willing to give my words the dignity of your attention, I'd just be talking into the air. I hope you'll continue with me as I go on this journey of building a writing platform. We'll see where the future takes us. If you'd be so kind, there are three things that would be incredibly helpful. 

  1. Share my blog with your friends and family.
  2. Subscribe for email updates, if you haven't already. You can find the form in the sidebar.
  3. Comment on a post. A word on this one...I'm test driving a new commenting feature, so please let me know if it gives you trouble.

I know these things might sound insignificant, but they would be a big help.

What are you thinking about this Friday?