Friday Morning Coffee #3

Well, this week certainly didn't turn out as I had anticipated. Scott and I both got hit hard with a nasty stomach bug. Mercifully, the worst of it for each of us was separated by a buffer of a couple days, so we could actually take care of each other. I'm so thankful that the "in sickness and health" thing is a no-brainer for us. Seriously. 

I've spent the last three days on my back--sleeping, forcing liquids and bland food into me, and watching Netflix like it's my job. Thus explains the blogging silence this week (sorry, folks). As much as I like you people, I had to work on other things, like, you know, holding my head up. You know it's bad when your husband comes home from work to find you in tears because your water bottle is too heavy to lift to your lips. Thank the good Lord the worst of it is behind us. It looks like we'll be well enough to enjoy our weekend. Perhaps we'll have a date disinfecting our apartment from this plague...

One of the hardest parts of being sick--for me--is the not-doing (that and asking for help, but that's another story). It dredges to the surface the lies I believe about how what I do affects my worth or the value of a given day. It's so easy to think our value or lovability comes from our performance. I've been thinking about all of this throughout the week, as the simply "being" part has been a bigger priority. It's been a good reminder to value rest. It's been a good reminder of how loved I am.

Here's to a healthy weekend!

What are you thinking about this Friday?