Friday Morning Coffee #4

Hello from snowy New Hampshire!

As I look out the window at the mounds of snow in our driveway, I can't help but grin. Can I let you in on a secret? I like snow. (Don't tell too many of my New England neighbors. Some of them are a little bitter, including our neighbor who is currently shaking his head in disgust as he starts up his snowblower to combat the foot of snow on his driveway.) 

Winter isn't quite complete without one good snowstorm, and yesterday fit that bill. I stared out the window with child-like delight, watching the thick flakes fall and the swirling white gusts cascade off our neighbor's roof in the wind. The world became still as inch piled on inch, and people slowly retreated from the blizzard. The blanket of snow hushed the world, absorbing sound, leaving a peaceful quiet.

I love the contrast of a cozy house while winter whips and whirls outside. We make cookies and hot chocolate. I light candles. We play board games, cocooned in sweatpants and thick sweaters. The warmth and safety of our home fill up something inside of me. (Creating this cozy nest also happens to be my winter coping mechanism for psychologically surviving the gray and cold until April.)

For those of you who aren't so thrilled about the snow, my sincerest apologies...I may have asked for this. I promise I'll enjoy it.

What are you thinking about this Friday?