Friday Morning Coffee #7

Good morning! Here we are at Friday again. 

This week has been a blur of words for me. I'm trying to get ahead on blog posts, which means I've been writing and researching up a storm. The result is a tired brain...and completely losing track of what day of the week it is. I'm looking forward to the break of the weekend and some time to get out of my own head.

Scott and I have had some fun outings this week. With so much time spent here alone in front of my computer thinking and writing, these things are particularly refreshing for me. Last night, we went to the open mic night at our local coffee shop. We'd talked a friend into performing, and it was such a delight to hear him play. You always get such a varied group at events like that--the ones who are shy, the ones who are particularly confident. It's such an interesting study of humanity. When a person walks up to the mic, you never know what to expect, and sometimes when they open their mouth, you're blown away by the beauty of it. There were some great musicians last night, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

On Sunday, we were able to attend a potluck for the refugees in the area. What a delight that is when the world shrinks in the tiny office space of the resettlement agency. One of the most interesting conversations I had was with a young woman from Palestine. She isn't a refugee but came to meet them and mingle. She's in the U.S. with a program, Friends Forever, which brings together young people from countries in conflict with each other. Five youth from each "side" come together in the neutral space of the United States and live together for a year. She's been living with four other Palestinians and five Israelis for the last year, volunteering and learning with them--and building friendships. "I have friends that are Jews," she told me, smiling under her bright yellow head scarf. I asked how the program has changed her perspective. "It's really hard to hate people when you know them. These Israelis are my friends now." What a powerful and creative approach to addressing our world's conflicts!

What was your week like? What are you thinking about this Friday?