Friday Morning Coffee #14

Good morning!

We had a lovely weekend with my parents. (At the end of last week, they surprised me by showing up at our front door.) Their presence, that of precious friends, and a delicious assortment of food made for a delightful birthday weekend. It was a weekend of surprises - Scott had planned a surprise birthday gathering at one of our favorite restaurants with some of our dear friends. I, of course, blindly stumbled into his plans, and what a wonderful surprise it was to have so many people I love sitting around the same table.

We wandered through antique shops on Saturday, looking for treasures, inhaling the dusty, musty smell of old stuff. It's always a rhythm of marveling at an interesting find, laughing at ridiculous items, and occasionally raising eyebrows over high prices. (The most ridiculous item award for this trip goes to a set of 18" tall hedgehog dolls, dressed like Western pioneers, she in her gingham blue dress and apron, he in patched pants and a leather vest. Might sound cute in print, but take my word for it, they were pretty creepy.) 

This morning I'm thinking about all we have planned for this weekend. The week itself has been grey and tired, and each day has morphed into the next. Scott and I stared at each other last night asking, "Is it really Thursday already?" It's one of those weeks, I suppose - the ones caught in between two big weekends.

Tomorrow we'll be attending a conference at Gordon-Conwell on the New Testament portion of a resource called CASKET EMPTY. CASKET EMPTY focuses on helping people learn the Bible and understand it as it all fits together as one epic story. If you haven't heard of it, I'd recommend you take a look. It's an excellent resource, and I'm very much looking forward to learning about the second half of it.

What are you thinking about this Friday?