Friday Morning Coffee #17

This week, summer has suddenly come upon us. We decided last night to walk downtown to get some ice cream. It was the perfect night for it. The heat of the day was gradually easing as the sun slipped down the horizon.

When we arrived, it was clear we weren't the only ones with such a brilliant idea. The line was long. A mom with two young boys stood in front of us. Their turn came, and they stepped up to the counter to order. That's when the smaller of the two boys started jumping. He gripped the counter's edge, pulling himself higher. 

"I'd like sprinkles! Chocolate sprinkles! And...chocolate ice cream!" Still jumping. 

The teenage girl taking his order couldn't suppress her grin as she peered down at him. "Soft serve? Or hand dipped?"

"Um..." Still jumping. "Soft serve! I'd like soft serve chocolate ice cream...and chocolate sprinkles on top!" Even with all the enthusiastic bouncing, the boy's head barely clearly the counter's edge.

"Dish or a cone?"

"A dish!" It was a victorious shout, the grand finale of his performance...and the last barrier to getting his treat.

Having completed his order, the jumping stopped, and the boy stepped to the side. When we stepped up to the counter after them, I heard the mom explaining the proper procedure for ice cream ordering to her two sons. She bent down to meet their eyes: "First tell them what size you'd like, then if you want it in a dish or a cone. Then tell them what flavor, and then you can ask for toppings." 

I just wished I could jump up and down as I ordered the first ice cream of the summer. I doubt I would have gotten quite the same grins.

Wherever you are on this Friday, I hope you have something to get excited about. I'd love to hear about it!