Friday Morning Coffee #18

Hello there friends. We've made it through another week. I know for some of you this week has been tumultuous, stressful or busy - but you made it. Happy Friday.

I'm thankful today for those of you who decided to join me on this adventure and subscribed to my blog for the first time this week. Welcome! Thank you for allowing me into your inbox. And thanks for your support. I don't take it lightly.

This week I discovered that the church I attended in college now has their sermons available for free in iTunes as a podcast. You really must check it out. Ethan's sermons are consistently thoughtful and immeasurably grace-filled. I have been profoundly shaped by his emphasis that "the Gospel is for Christians too," that God's unilateral grace is something we never graduate from. I am so thankful I got to sit under his teaching for several years, and I have genuinely missed it since I graduated years ago. Here's a link for the Grace Anglican Church podcast, so you can have a listen for yourself.

* * *

Some days, I look at the news headlines, my social media newsfeed, or the events unfolding around me, and I feel overwhelmed. The pain, chaos, and questions rise like a Jenga block tower, teetering, threatening to fall. Those are the days my gut reaction sounds something like, "Really, Lord, can't you just give us a break?" Maybe you've had a week like that.

I was reminded this week of the reality that regardless of what we see - the chaos, injustice, violence, suffering, greed - our God is still the reigning King. Miraculously, He can bring good from pain, beauty from ashes. In all things, His purposes and plans will continue to march forward. He can - and is! - redeeming the mess and the brokenness we find ourselves in.

So, as I'm looking out at this rainy Friday, I'm finding comfort in the sovereignty of God. Not the click your heels in the air sort of comfort but the quiet, sure, deep-seated confidence sort. I don't have to like what unfolds, but I can rest in trust of Him. And in my (admittedly limited) experience, that makes all the difference.

* * *

What are you thinking about this Friday?