Friday Morning Coffee #21

Happy Friday, my friends. 

What a week it’s been. I find that for us, life ticks along at a slow and steady pace, and then all at once bursts into a full-on sprint. It’s been a sprinting couple of weeks. But I certainly can’t complain - some of that “sprinting” has been with the most precious people, and I’d rather be out of breath and worn down with them than in complete repose alone.

It’s been a strange week. It started with a funeral, and it’s ending with a wedding. It’s always a peculiar feeling to hold joy and sorrow together in the same place, in the same little beating heart. The older I get, though, the more I’m convinced that’s just the nature of our existence. We must find a way to hold them together and sit in the tension between the two - joy and sorrow, hope and questions, beauty and brokenness. The only alternatives are the extremes of Pollyanna-ish denial or despair. The hope of my Christian faith, I find, charts a way somewhere in between. It leads me down a path in which I can weep and laugh in the same day and feel as though it’s fitting and right. 

During the funeral service a few days ago, I was struck by my visceral, instinctive reaction towards death. There’s something that rises from deep within me that screams “This is not right. This should not be so.” It helps me to remember that death isn’t right, that in many senses, death isn’t “normal” - it’s not what God intended at Creation, and it’s not what we’ll experience in His New Creation. Thanks be to God we look forward to a day when death will die. It doesn’t remove our sorrow, but it does allow us to hold onto hope in the midst of it.

Now, this weekend, we will shift from grieving with our friends over their loss, to celebrating with our family (and friends) over their joy. It’s life’s full circuit of emotions in a week, but here we are.

* * *

What are you thinking about this Friday?