Friday Morning Coffee #22

Good morning! 

The word that comes to mind today? - Exhausted. A whirlwind of activity is the only way I know how to describe our last couple of weeks. I spent at least 48 hours in the car within a two-week span. Last week alone we drove over 2000 miles and passed through six states. Whew. Just writing that out makes me feel a bit more justified for the sluggishness I've been battling this week. 

The tension is this - I love people. I love being with people that I love. I love traveling and seeing new places. I love making new friends. I genuinely treasure these things. I also am, as far as I know, an extrovert. I thrive on conversations and relationships and being with people. I find the stories and laughter and discussions enlivening. But. Call me an introverted extrovert (or an extroverted introvert for that matter) - or just human - I have a tipping point. I finally reach a point where I need a bit of stillness, a bit of quiet, a bit of processing time. I reach a point where I need rest.

So now this week, I'm resting my exhausted feet. I'm catching up and getting back into the groove of my work. In this rest, I'm finally able to treasure up the moments with the precious people I've encountered and shared a slice of life with over the last two weeks. 

Tucked around a wobbly wooden coffee shop table, circled around a dining table. Talking about book ideas and what inspires me to write. Encouragement to keep on with this adventure with words. Sharing the pain that's birthing beauty. Breathing in the peace of those who know you and will shoulder your burdens for a while. Weeping and laughing. Little hands and weathered ones, wrapped around my neck in affection. Old friends, new friends, those who knew me in the time before my memories. Joy.

In this rest, in this stillness, I can remember. And as I remember each face, each story, each moment, my heart sighs with gratitude. 

* * *

What are you thinking about this Friday?