Friday Morning Coffee #24

Good morning, friends.

This week has been filled with catching up (we did another PA trek last weekend)—and with Charles Spurgeon. Since I doubt you really want to hear my thoughts about the condition of I-90 or how lovely the rest stops are in New York, I'll stick to my friend Charles.

In my studies of church history, I've come to love hearing from our brothers and sisters in the faith over time. Their voices keep me from becoming myopic, from assuming we have it the best or the worst, from forgetting those things I must remember. I learn from their stories, both from their wisdom and their folly. They remind me that, truly, "there is nothing new under the sun." They are not so different from me—from us—and their stories remind me we are not alone on this journey. 

Here's a little snippet from Charles Spurgeon for your Friday...

The fact is, we are the strangest mixture of contradictions that ever was known. We shall never be able to understand ourselves....On the one hand we have the golden fruit of joy—and on the other hand, the black fruit of fear. So it makes a kind of checker-work—there are black pieces and red ones, joys and sorrows, bliss and mourning mingled together! The highest joy and the deepest sorrow may be found in the Christian and the truest faith and yet the most grievous doubts may meet together in the child of God....Strange riddle! But we who have passed through this experience know that it is true. When we are flat on our faces, we are generally the nearest to Heaven.

- "Sweet Stimulants for the Fainting Soul"

Whether you are walking through the "highest joy" or the "deepest sorrow" or the land where they co-exist, I pray you know the comfort of the God who is near to you. Have a lovely weekend, my friends.