Friday Morning Coffee #29

Good morning!

I've been sitting here staring at my cursor for approximately eleven minutes, trying to decide to what to share with you this morning. The problem is an overload of flitting thoughts. This is always the case for me when approaching a sort of deadline or nearing vacation (which is itself a sort of deadline). There's a sprint to the finish. It's one of those days where the things I must do, should do, and want to do bounce around in my mind like ping pong balls.

The challenge is stilling my mind to focus on one task at a time - to be present. Perhaps you can relate.

I wish you could sit here with me this morning, as I sip my now lukewarm coffee. I wish you could see the house sparrows congregating around the bird feeder or the maroon leaves of our neighbor's maple tree dancing in the breeze. I wish we could sit here in comfortable silence as my thoughts calm, my shoulders relax, my breathing deepens.

Then, perhaps I would tell you about this intense French film I saw this week, and it's wrestling match with faith I haven't been able to get from my mind. (What do you do with a haunting line like "Faith is twenty-four hours of doubt and one minute of hope"?)

Or I would tell you about all that I've been reading this week, all the words, the thoughts. The challenge of discerning what's worth keeping and repeating.

But here we are. My cup has been drained, and you are sitting at your own screen in some other part of this world. So I'll sit here and look at the birds and the trees. I'll let my thoughts still. And then I'll dive in to the first thing on the to-do list.