Friday Morning Coffee #31

Happy Friday, my friends - and happy September! Oh how this summer has flown. 

I have been watching in horror and grief as the photos and videos continue to stream in from the effects of Hurricane Harvey and the unexpectedly large monsoon rains in southeast Asia. On both sides of the world, the water we need for life has turned menacing. It rages and swells, smothering and sweeping away homes, livelihoods, loved ones. As the rain stops, another test of survival will set in. To survive the recovery, to rebuild what has washed away.

But I haven't just seen tragedy this week. I've also seen the common-grace gift of the resilience and generosity of the human spirit. We have seen people risk their own skin to save strangers. They've opened their doors to offer protection. They've lined up by hundreds to volunteer, even as the rain still fell. It's beautiful - in the midst of a world where we so often see division - to see communities and individuals rallying together, laying down their lives for each other. 

It's easy to feel helpless when these catastrophes occur. The devastation is overwhelming, and those hard hit by these floods are setting out on a long road to recovery. Prayer is important. But there are tangible ways we can respond as well. I've listed some options below. 

Hurricane Harvey

A blogger I follow put out a list of ways to help. She has a wide range of suggestions. You can see her list here.

Also, Brene Brown put out an appeal for underwear this week. It's something we don't think about - unless we don't have it. She shared an Amazon wishlist for what they need, and you can send it directly to them. You can find it here.

South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh) Floods

It's harder to travel to these locations from the States, so donations to charities and humanitarian aid groups is probably the best means of help right now. Here are a few involved already: