Friday Morning Coffee #35: Penicillin & Apple Butter

Good morning, friends. 

Each week as I sit here, typing out my Friday morning musings, I think of you all. I wonder what you'd say if we could sit down in person and you could share what's on your mind and heart. And I wonder at your willingness to read my words each week! I am so thankful for each of you. 

On Thursday morning, I marched out of our bedroom, my arms victoriously held high and announced, "My throat doesn't hurt!" It was the first morning in three weeks this was true. For those of you who see me regularly, you can look forward to the end of the refrain "I'm still sick" you've been hearing for the last several weeks. All I can say is thank God for caring doctors and for penicillin. 

In spite of the sickness, we've had the Gruver-Stottlemyer food fest 2017 free-flowing in our house. I suppose this is what happens when my mom is here for a few days and we have time on our hands. In addition to the peach pie and dumplings, the blueberry-peach crumble, and the peach ice cream (Scott gets all the credit for this one!) in our kitchen, I have several jars of freshly made apple butter sitting on my counter.

We may have picked the last hot day of the year to make it. We lovingly sweated with the oven on all day, as we watched the thick apple puree darken and thicken into a rich brown spread so tasty you could eat it with a spoon. And to think as a child I said I didn't like the stuff! 

Now here we are on a Friday morning - with another day and another weekend to fill with adventures. Have a lovely weekend, my friends.