Friday Morning Coffee #32

Good morning, friends. 

I'm cozied up with a cup of tea this morning. The chill of fall is setting in - although it could also be the cold I'm nursing. In any case, I'm looking forward to all that autumn brings with it. The crisp cool of the mornings. The return of sweaters. Apple picking and hot apple cider. The vibrant color show of the changing leaves. It may be my favorite time of year here in New England. 


We saw some of the first hints of fall last weekend. Scott's parents and brother came for a long weekend, and we took them up to the White Mountains and the Lakes Region. Every where we went, we saw the blush of autumn with the first changing leaves.

When the sun graced us with its presence, we were out in the woods. Wandering trails, winding through mountain roads, listening to the song of streams and waterfalls. And when the rain came, we retreated to the warm haven of our rental house, playing games and sipping tea in front of the picture windows looking out over the river.

What a restful combination - to be with family you love in a beautiful place. 

Have you been on any adventures lately? I'd love to hear about it! Feel free to share in the comments!