Friday Morning Coffee #50: A Year of Coffee

Happy Friday, my friends. 

This week marks a year of these weekly "Friday morning coffee" posts. It's been delightful to share with you my musings each week - and I'm thankful that you take an interest in them. I look forward to what this next year holds for us. 

I don't take lightly those of you who read faithfully each week. It's a profound encouragement to find you welcoming me into your lives, and I treasure the times I hear from you. I know there are many places beckoning your time - responsibilities, friends, family, baby animal videos on YouTube - and your time spent here with me each week is a gift.

Some of you have even entrusted me with your inbox by subscribing. (To those of you who have recently subscribed - welcome!) When I'm sorting through my own ever-full inbox each day, I'm reminded of the privilege it is to be one of the names sitting in your unread email. Thank you. 

This morning I'm sitting here thankful for each of you and thankful for the people the Lord has brought into my life. It's been a week with some rich and encouraging conversations, and it's making me reflect on how blessed I have been with relationships and how much we have to learn from each other. What a wealth of stories and wisdom there is - when we stop to listen.