Friday Morning Coffee #48: Pondering and Treasuring

Hello friends. Happy Friday! 

We're back from our holiday adventures, and I'm back from an end-of-the-year blogging break. It's good to be settling into a routine again. 

As things go, that routine was immediately interrupted by a blizzard. Though I may not love the long winters here, I do love the snow. I sat and watched as it fell yesterday in swirling torrents. It looked like the inside of a snow globe in the hands of a three year old. 

I've been thinking this last week about a little verse at the end of the Christmas story in Luke. Working from the highlight reel Luke lays out for us, we know that over the last year of her life, Mary has been visited by an angel and declared to be blessed and favored by God. She has miraculously conceived a child and been nearly divorced by her prospective husband. She has been forced to take a long and dangerous journey and to give birth in a strange town. She has seen ruffian shepherds kneel down beside her son's makeshift cradle. And Luke tells us that she "treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart" (Luke 2:19). 

I can imagine her sitting there, watching Jesus as he slept, watching his tiny chest rise and fall with each breath, wondering at who He was, at what He'd become. I can imagine her replaying each event, each conversation, sealing them into her memory. It's such a human moment - pondering and treasuring life's events. 

I've been thinking of this as we begin this new year. Our year marks are a bit arbitrary - it's not as if a great rift occurred between the moment I sat on the couch as my family counted down and the moment when we shouted "Happy New Year." I'm the same person. My life continues in a seamless progression. But these years do serve as markers, and they offer benchmarks to divide the time. Or really, they offer us a bench - a bench to take a seat, and look back over the vista of what's occurred over the last 365 days. It's a bench that invites us to stop and reflect - to ponder and treasure. 

I've been doing some pondering and treasuring. And I'll be doing some good reflecting. I want to solidify my memories and to learn from what I've experienced. If you haven't taken the time to do this yet, I'd encourage you to. And if you'd like to share, I'd love to hear your reflections as you begin a new year.

Here's to 2018, my friends.