Friday Morning Coffee #54: Strange Week and New Music

Good morning, friends. 

This has been a strange week. It was 70 degrees on Wednesday, and I was basking in the sunshine in a tank top, breathing deeply the damp earth smell of spring. Thursday, it snowed. And that was just the weather.

In the midst of some research on Tuesday, I made the week's strangest discovery: Rachel Baker, the sleeping preacher. Yes, she preached in her sleep. (There is some obvious skepticism about whether she was actually sleeping.) She lived in New York in the early 19th-century, and although she claimed not to support women preaching, crowds would gather around to hear her nocturnal sermons.

My friends in the library found Rachel Baker's story to be just as fascinating and astounding (and, dare I say, amusing?) as I did. After one of them discovered a pamphlet recording her experiences in the rare book collection, our faithful librarian Jim was kind enough to make each of us a replica of the thin book, complete with period-appropriate twine binding. That makes for a good day for this book- and history-loving girl.

* * *

On a completely different note, I've been reflecting on some new music this week. Andrew Peterson recently released Resurrection Letters: Prologue. I will let you read the story behind the project in his own words here if you're interested.

This brief EP has been a good meditative tool for me during this Lenten season, as it focuses on the death and burial of Jesus. It is bringing me back to Christ on the Cross, the pain of His suffering, the devastation of His death. It will be, appropriately, followed up with Resurrection Letters: Vol. I (on the resurrection) just in time for the Easter celebration. I am thankful for music like this to help guide me through the rhythms of the church calendar. 

I'll leave you with a little taste of the Resurrection Letters: Prologue: the song "Last Words (Tenebrae)" on Jesus' words spoken from the Cross.