Were You Faithful?: Friday Morning Coffee #55

Every other week, I make the trek down to Gordon-Conwell to do work in the library. There's a delightful group of people who meet on Tuesdays for lunch. These lunches are never dull. There's a lot of boisterous laughter and passionate conversation. 

A few weeks ago one of this precious Tuesday lunch crew turned to me and asked, "Diana, how's your spiritual life been this week?" 

I paused, my eyes shifting to a spot on the wall behind him as I thought. I wanted to give an honest answer.

"Honestly," I said, "I've been feeling pretty exhausted lately."

He smiled kindly. "It's a trick question, you know. There's only one right answer: 'Faithful.' If things are good or things are bad, that's the only we can hope to be. Faithful."

He stood up to leave, piling trash and dishes from the rest of us on his tray to carry to the dish room, as he always does. As he walked away, he paused to talk to a student's young daughter. I couldn't hear what he said, but it made her smile. 

The professor next to me leaned over closer to my ear. "Some may not see it, but he's truly one of the saints of this place." 

I couldn't help but agree.