The Anniversary Book: Friday Morning Coffee #64

During our first year of marriage, we adopted what may be a unique anniversary practice. (I have no memory whatsoever of who gave us the idea.) We walked to the quaint neighborhood bookstore and purchased a beautiful hardbound notebook. Each year, on our anniversary, we pull that notebook from the shelf and reflect on the year that's passed. We write down the major events of the year, the things we've learned and ways we've grown, and things to work on or goals for the next year.

As of this week, that small red volume has four years worth of entries. It's a slow chronicle of our life together. The people we've met, the adventures we've been on, the activities that have consumed our time. Even after four years, we can look back on how we've grown (and some ways we haven't) and how God has answered some of our hearts' desires. It's encouraging and challenging. It helps us to remember.

I can only imagine what it will be like to look back through that book after decades of marriage. There will be so many stories to tell.