We're Back!: Friday Morning Coffee #70

Hello friends! 

My, how the summer has flown by. We've filled ours with weekend trips and dinners with friends, beach bonfires and blueberry picking, ice cream and engrossing conversations. The latest excitement is a move to a new house!

Summers like this make me thankful for the friends we've been given. We've shared many a meal, a celebratory dinner, and full-bellied laughter with some precious people this summer. (Not to mention the great friends who helped us move! I never underestimate that kindness.)

One of the highlights was a weekend spent on the eastern shore of Maryland with some of my dearest - and oldest - friends. We've scattered all over the country since our time together in college, and we had a delightful few days together with our growing families.

Last weekend, we enjoyed a lovely visit from my side of the family. I consider it a gift to have a family that makes visits something to look forward to and goodbyes hard to say. Most of us rode the Cog Railway up Mt. Washington. The brave ones of the bunch - Scott, my dad, and my uncle - hiked to the top. They waved from their perch on the rocks as the train crested the summit. 

Girls at shore house.jpg

The summer may have been quick, but it's been full in the best sense. And while the fall seems to be hurtling toward us, I'm thankful for the return to a steady routine and crisp autumn nights. I'm glad to be back with you.