Hi, I'm Diana!

I’m so glad you’re here.

I love to see people abide in the abundant life offered in Jesus’ call to “come follow Me.” I am passionate about encouraging, equipping, and nurturing disciples of Jesus, giving them a vision for how He speaks to every area of life—our joys and sorrows, our work and play, our interior lives and our relationships.

This is why I write.

I write about spiritual formation and discipleship and the adventures of life and faith. I write as a fellow traveler on this journey, seeking always to see more clearly what it looks like to follow Jesus in everyday life.

I hope that here you’ll find words of challenge and encouragement, tools and resources to use on your own or with others, and stories of what being a disciple of Christ looks like in my own life. I love stories, and I believe we can learn so much from each other. Here, I want to open my own to you, share those of others, and celebrate the ones you’re living.

My first book, Saints of Darkness, is forthcoming with InterVarsity Press. It tells the stories and shares the advice of people from church history who struggled with depression. 

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A Bit About Me

One October day, I walked into my favorite used bookstore and found a ring hidden inside a hollowed book. Several months later, I married one of the most genuinely kind and humble people I know. Scott and I have been on the delightful adventure of marriage ever since.

We both grew up in rural Pennsylvania and came to New England for me to attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. I graduated in 2017 with a Master’s in Spiritual Formation. To hear more about my time in seminary, and my thoughts on spiritual formation and discipleship, read my post "Why Did I Go to Seminary?"

Now, we call New Hampshire home. You can often find us singing in the kitchen, stomping through the woods, or feeding people at our large dining room table. There is a lot of coffee and laughter in this house.

Here I welcome you into life as it is—beautiful, messy, glorious.

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