Privacy Policy

Hello there. Diana here. When someone shares something with me, I consider it a treasure. I always want people to find my presence to be a safe place. The same is true of this space online. I want this to be a safe space. I value your privacy and consider your presence here a gift. This means I will not sell or trade your information with anyone else. This Privacy Policy is my promise to you. It explains when and why I collect your personal information. It’ll tell you how I use it, how I keep it safe, and when I may disclose it to others.

Website Cookies

I like cookies. My personal favorite is chocolate-chip, warm and gooey from the oven. Online, cookies have a slightly less delicious connotation, but they’re still really important. Cookies are small pieces of data that a website, like my blog, stores on your device. They help remember your preferences and understand how you use certain website features. Cookies are intended to improve your experience online. Just like the chocolate-chip ones I’m not contemplating would improve any kitchen or living room.

My website is hosted by Squarespace. They use cookies to make sure you have the best experience here possible. I trust their security implicitly. You can learn more about the cookies they use here. For more information, you can look at Squarespace’s Privacy Policy.

When you visit my website,, I use a third-party service, Google Analytics, to track standard information about website traffic and visitor behavior. It helps me see how many visitors—like you—drop by and what they find interesting. This helps me know what words and stories you find valuable. This information doesn’t give me anyone’s identity, and I do not allow Google to try to figure out who you are. It’s just for my own personal benefit, to make sure I’m serving you the best I can with what I share here.

Newsletter and Mailing List

Some of you choose to subscribe to my monthly newsletter or to receive email updates on new posts. To do this, I collect personal information, including your name and email address. I use these to send you the email updates you’ve asked to receive and to check in occasionally to make sure you’re content with what you’re receiving. I don’t rent or trade email lists with anyone else. I wouldn’t do that to a friend. I won’t do it to you. I respect your inbox.

I use a third-party provider, MailChimp, to deliver these emails. They gather statistics for me, so I can track email opening and clicks. This helps me make my emails and newsletters as good and helpful as possible. For more information, take a look at MailChimp’s Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from my emails or change how often you hear from me at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of my emails.

Other Third-Parties

I also use a third-party service, Disqus, to curate and monitor your comments. They help me stay in tune with the stories you’re sharing with me and make sure we each know when the conversation continues. If you have any questions, you can look at Disqus’ Privacy Policy.

Access to Your Personal Information

Under privacy regulations, such as GDPR, you have the right to view, change, or delete any personal data I may have. It is yours, after all, and you’ve merely entrusted it to me. You can email me about this at any time at

Changes to Privacy Notice

I will review this policy from time to time, to make sure I’m clear about how I use your personal information. It can change without notice. Last reviewed on September 5, 2019.