The Delight of a Creature

We got a cat a couple weeks ago. If you would have asked me several years ago if I would ever utter that statement, I’m sure I would have said no. I’ve never been a cat person. Perhaps it’s the one that clawed my face the week before elementary school pictures. Perhaps it’s repeated examples of moodiness and stand-offishness. Give me a dog that I can train and will be my best friend forever. But my dear husband—the things you do for love. So now I am a cat owner, courtesy of the local humane society.

Her name is Agatha—yes, after Agatha Christie—and she may be one of the calmest and nicest cats I’ve ever met. This morning, when it was time to get to work, she followed me over to my desk, jumped up on it, to inspect what was going on, and then curled up on the top of the couch beside me to watch and snooze.

What delight from such a little, still-slightly-mangy creature.

And then yesterday, it came to me—what delight our creator has in us, his creatures. Here I am with a cat, and it’s impossible to not smile as she follows me to each window as I open it in the morning, hopping to the sill to inspect the outside world, then trots over behind me to the next one. Multiply that affection exponentially, and you may begin to reach into the level of concern God has for us.

We are creatures. His special creation, and He takes delight in us. I’m convinced that’s a part of why He created us—for the delight of love.

We’re little—and still slightly mangy. We’re still getting the training bit down and learning what He wants from us. But oh what delight showered on us—for being, for loving, for breathing in and out his air in our lungs.