Waiting for the Wedding Day

I remember the morning of my wedding. The enormity of what we were embarking on pressed on me. All I wanted to do to calm my nerves and reassure my heart was talk to Scott—just briefly, just hear his voice. Unfortunately, one of his groomsmen, in the name of tradition, had spirited away his phone to ensure that our first contact of the day was at the church altar.

So, like many other brides before me, I made it through the morning of my wedding left to my own devices. I donned the most exquisite dress I’ve ever worn. I laughed with my friends. I practiced waltzing with my dad around our dining room. I hugged my mom. And I waited.

When I entered the back of my childhood church sanctuary, my arm linked through the crook at my dad’s elbow, it was as if I were walking in a dream. The swirl of emotions, the faces of so many I loved and who loved me turned to watch me. So much preparation, so many conversations, and we were finally here. When we rounded the corner to come down the center aisle, and Scott and I finally locked eyes, I knew once again that this was right, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life by his side.

After spending so much of our relationship apart, separated by seas and highways, we looked forward to not needing to say goodbye anymore. No more separation, no more boundaries. We would be husband and wife. A team. One. Whatever sorrows or joys life had in store, we would walk together, as fellow sojourners, fellow disciples, fellow kingdom bearers.

There is a reason the celebration of marriage is so awe-inspiring and joyous. Our story—the grand sweep of the story of history and creation—culminates in a wedding celebration. In Revelation we read of the marriage supper of the Lamb, when the victorious Jesus Christ, the Lamb who was slain for the forgiveness of sin, and His Bride, the worldwide Church, won by his sacrificial love, are finally united, never again to be put asunder. No more separation. No more waiting.

Friends, we are the Bride. We are cherished, chosen, delighted in. He longs for the day when He will be finally and irreconcilably united with His Bride, the Church made of every person throughout the world who believes on His Name, just as we long for the day when we will see his face. What inexpressible joy there will be on that day, when Christ gazes out at the Bride assembled together for the first time.

But for now, we wait. We wait with longing. We wait with preparation. We wait for that glorious day to come.