No Need to Pretend

In a week and a time when I hear from others and myself, "I just don't get it. What are you doing, Lord?", I'm finding comfort from our freedom to come to our Father with our questions and our uncertainties. I'm thankful for the example of Jesus, who comes freely to the Father asking for the cup to pass but still says, with face to the ground, "Thy will be done."

"A father who would not listen to everything his child says would not be a father. He may smile because the child so often has so little sense of proportion, because the child grieves more over a lost screw in his toy train than the destruction of his parental home, because the child has so little understanding of the difference between great and small things, but he listens nevertheless. God does not want only to be “praised;” nor does he want us simply to go on saying “Thy will be done” and all the while, deep down under our own words, be tormenting ourselves because we have our own will and our own cares and troubles and are only suppressing them out of a kind of religious politeness which we associate with piety. Let us not fool ourselves: the Father knows what we are thinking. And so we can let out even our most secret desires. In other words, we should not only praise God; in this petition and intercession there is power and God has promised to listen. So we really do not need to pretend we are anything but what we are."

- Helmut Thielicke, Our Heavenly Father