Fruitfulness on the Frontline: A Resource

Yesterday I shared about the idea of a “frontline.” If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, give this one a pause, and take a moment to read it here

Are you left wondering what to do with your frontline or how you can be faithful in it? That’s what today’s resource is about. 

Mark Greene’s book Fruitfulness on the Frontline (another LICC resource) lays out a “6M” framework for fruitfulness on your frontline. Please note that I am simply pulling the basic framework of this resource and sharing it with you. For a much more in depth exploration, get a copy for yourself. The adapted 8-week DVD series would be great for a small group to study and discuss together.

When we talk about our frontlines, it’s easy to reduce their importance to one thing—who can I share the Gospel with? While this is important and definitely something we should consider with more boldness, this is only one piece of how God can be using us and working in us on the frontline. He can use us in ways beyond just a simple sharing of our testimony. 

With this in mind, Fruitfulness on the Frontline gives the 6Ms, six points that are helpful for self-reflection and for prayer as you consider how God can use you on your frontline.

Make good work 

How can we glorify God and find Him in our work? How can we do our work “with” Him?

Model godly character

How can we put godly character and the fruit of the Spirit on display? How is our frontline shaping and refining our character?

Minister grace and love

How can we live and act with grace and love towards those we interact with on our frontline?

Mold culture

How can we influence culture at large, and more particularly the micro-cultures around us, to encourage flourishing life? What can we affirm and encourage that is already happening?

A Mouthpiece for truth and justice

How can we be courageous to speak up for truth and justice? How can we “champion right living and fair dealing” on our frontline?

A Messenger of the Gospel

What doors are open to me to share the Gospel with those around me? How can I become more confident in sharing Jesus?

When you get up tomorrow morning and go about your business, you will be entering your frontline. Whatever that work or realm of influence may be, it matters to God and is an incredible opportunity. The frontline He has put before you is a powerful ministry and where the every-day work of mission happens. Your faithfulness there matters. 

How would your vision for your life change if you began each day praying, “Lord, help me today to make good work, model godly character, minister grace and love, mold culture, be a mouthpiece for truth and justice, and a messenger of the Gospel”?